Why Cyber Security Experts are the new ‘must-have’ hire of 2015.

With more frequent articles appearing online and in the paper in regards to ‘cybercrime’, it is no wonder that companies are stepping up their recruitment process in order to find cyber security experts to keep their business and data safe.

Everyone heard about the Ashley Madison scandal which saw millions of names leaked all over the internet, exposing everyone from businessmen and government officials to your everyday ‘average Joe’.

Figures released by Procorre found that 14% of all tech vacancies  advertised are currently for cyber security roles.

With the ever-increasing demand within this profession, you could perhaps be one of the lucky 15% pocketing a £100,000 salary for your data protection services.

With half of US firms doubling their budgets for cyber security professionals, top universities like Oxford, UCL & Royal Holloway are supporting the cause by offering various degree courses in information security.

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