Future conversations: Secure mobile messaging in wealth management

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How secure mobile messaging can combat fraud, reduce compliance risk and support client engagement.  This novastone whitepaper offers detailed insight to the current risks and key factors to look for in the selection of technology.

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Mobile messaging and business

Mobile instant messaging is playing an increasingly important role in the workplace as a medium for professional, personal communication – both as a supplement to and a replacement for e-mail.

Easy to use and convenient, people are attracted by the ability to share ideas and information in real-time as a more efficient way of working than dealing with the more delayed responses of e-mail. Mobile instant messaging also offers a better ability to retain the context of conversations – so often lost in email chains.

According to Silicon Valley e-discovery and litigation support firm BlackStone Discovery the question isn’t whether mobile messaging is going to replace work e-mail – the question is whether or not it has already. For wealth managers the fact that high net worth individuals tend to be early adopters9 and heavier users than average of new forms of communication means pressure on front office staff particularly to use mobile instant messaging is already coming from their clients.

Studies from the US indicate that that 80 to 90 percent of all companies have some mobile messaging use by employees* and that unsecured mobile instant messaging usage is in use by up to half of the financial industry’s employees+…..

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