Two thirds of adults tend to agree that the use of technology within the NHS sector will improve efficiency & patient experience.


A recent survey by YouGov/Trustmarque of 2,010 UK adults, has found that two thirds of adults “tended to agree” that both experience and efficiency within the NHS would be greatly improved through the implementation of more technology.  

What few of them know is that there are already numerous online systems already in place aimed at improving efficiency and patient experience. The only issue is that too many people are unaware of them.

Booking your appointments online, requesting repeat prescriptions, accessing your GP records online are all functions that are already accessible to patients. 

But why are people not using them?

A Trustmarque commentary on the findings says in so many words, that it is due to the lack of awareness of the technology.

Perhaps the problem is also due to the fact that there are too many platforms and patients just don’t know where to begin.

Through the development of Novastone for health we are aiming to provide a digital messaging platform, customised for an organisation’s needs in order to provide a highly-secure and audible conversation, both with patients and between colleagues. 

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