Do your digital communications match public expectation?

Talk to the public where they want to talk to you

Novastone for Public Services

Novastone for Public Services is a digital IM platform helping public service organisations to enhance their internal communications in a compliant and secure way. Email communications are no longer fit for purpose, and increasingly people are sending highly confidential material via public instant messaging apps. Novastone offers a more convenient and safer IM platform to cater to this need.

Novastone integrates seamlessly with the largest and fastest growing chat platforms in the world, whilst offering unparalleled security, with its integration with Glasswall, protecting users from file-based 0-day threats in real-time.

I’m working on CAD 7525 - do you have the fingerprint scan?
Yes, I do. Sending to you now
Do you have pictures of the scene?

Secure & compliant

Self-documenting conversations with full compliance capabilities developed specifically for highly regulated and confidential environments.



Novastone allows for secure real-time conversations, reducing response times and increasing first point of contact resolutions by 75%.


Client engagement

No need for the public to adopt a different platform, you can reach them with novastone’s extensive IM integration.


Your platform,
your choice

Novastone is customisable to include or exclude hundreds of features and permissions, whilst offering the ability to create and maintain different users and teams.


Relavant to you

Whether you are a national agency or a local service, novastone offers the features, integration and usability to keep you secure and engaged with those you serve.

25% of all UK councils had their computer systems breached in the past 5 years – BBC

“Local authorities need to take urgent action and make sure they fulfil their responsibilities to protect citizens”

Jennifer Krueckeberg, lead researcher at Big Brother Watch

Phishing attacks have increased by 65% in the last year
Enterprise Phishing Resiliency and Defense Report, 2017