27 Jan 2016

Novastone appoints Stephen R. Katz as advisory board member on security as it launches into the information security market

Technology firm Novastone has appointed Stephen R. Katz as an advisory board

27 Jan 2016

Technology firm Novastone has appointed Stephen R. Katz as an advisory board member on security as it launches its secure instant messaging application into the information security market.

Steve is widely-regarded as the world’s first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and has been directly involved in establishing, building and directing information security and privacy functions for 35 years.

“Steve’s experience and insight will be invaluable to Novastone Media as we develop the functionality of our secure instant messaging app and roll it out into the CISO market.  Instant messaging solutions to support business critical functions and high-value client conversations is, we believe, going to be one of the key fintech themes of 2016,” commented Novastone founder Douglas Orr.

“Novastone’s secure instant messaging solutions can, I believe, be the answer to the needs of CISOs in communicating more effectively with key stakeholders when a crisis situation occurs. Its secure messaging technology provides a unique approach that empowers the CISO to quickly take control and direct corrective actions. I look forward to working with Douglas Orr and his team to build their presence in the market internationally,” said Steve Katz of his appointment.

About Stephen R. KatzSteve Katz

Steve Katz has testified before Congress on numerous information security issues and was appointed as the first Financial Services Sector Coordinator for Critical Infrastructure Protection by the Secretary of the Treasury.  He was also the first Chairman of the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS/ISAC), and has been an Advisor to the FS/ISAC Board of Directors and the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council (FSSCC).

He is the founder and President of Security Risk Solutions, LLC an information security company providing consulting and advisory services to major, mid-size, startup and venture capital companies. Steve is an Executive Advisor to Deloitte and is on the Board of Directors of Glasswall Solutions Ltd and Avior Computing. He is also on the Advisory Boards for Triumfant, Agari, Fortscale and Encap, as well as Novastone Media.

About Novastone for secure messaging

Novastone Media’s secure smartphone instant messaging solution is designed for disaster recovery, including information security breaches.  It enables organisations to connect key stakeholders securely, quickly and effectively.  Conversations and attachments are fully encrypted and secure. Novastone was specifically built for high value conversations – B2B or B2C – where security of data is a pre-requisite.

It facilitates fast, accurate decision-making by orchestrating conversations and information distribution between specific and evolving groups (not blanket broadcasting), and by retaining the context for all conversations.  Its protected asymmetric chat architecture allows for access to key resources to be controlled and orchestrated on a conversation-by-conversation basis, not a free-for-all chat room environment.


About Novastone Media

Novastone is a London-based, international financial technology company that builds white label messaging solutions for high value customer/client interactions primarily in banking and healthcare.  Founded by CEO Douglas Orr, it is well-funded and is growing its profile in Europe, the US and Far East with the top international banks and consultants.


Novastone Media’s secure, mobile-centred instant messaging platform is designed for firms who deliver a high-touch, personalised client/customer experience through relationship teams, particularly in finance/financial services but also healthcare and the wider business world.

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