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novastone for finance is the next generation instant messaging technology that empowers conversations, whilst maintaining control and accountability.

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Our financial industry specific solution offers sophisticated instant messaging functionality and system integration.

There is a growing recognition that email no longer meets the needs of organisations that rely on secure and verified communication. The resulting phone calls and use of other communication channels take up more time and compromise the client experience.

By moving advisors and clients to an instant messaging platform, a more efficient and sticky engagement is enabled. Many processes are simplified compared to audio and video alternatives. Relationships and conversations are recorded and can later be audited.

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Corporate Banking

  • Eliminate the security risk of email based correspondence
  • Offer a team approach to clients rather than uncoordinated product silos
  • Dramatically reduce operational costs

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Wealth Management

  • Move client engagement from insecure email
  • Eliminate the need for call back verifications
  • Integrate with your existing CRM, document management and work flow systems

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Developed specifically for the Financial Industry



Self-documenting with full control and visibility



Fast implementation, improved operational processes and reduced costs

novastone’s white label sophisticated instant messaging solutions, built by financial industry experts, deliver on all these requirements, seamlessly moving organisations’ most valuable relationships from the inbox into a chat conversation.

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White lable solutions

white label solutions

Your language. Your clients. Your brand.

novastone’s white label messaging solution is built for high value customer interactions, moving  relationships from the inbox into a conversation. Easy to use, secure and auditable, the novastone platform supports industry requirements across business, finance, health, compliance and more.

Find out how we can help your business.

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Get in touch

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