30 Oct 2015

“Emails aren’t always secure, and they may be intercepted or changed after they’ve been sent.”

So said the email signature from a high street bank that popped

30 Oct 2015

So said the email signature from a high street bank that popped into my inbox last week. The remainder is below and makes for equally illuminating/frightening reading.

Banks and wealth managers are shying away from accepting instructions by email and/or are increasingly nervous that a communication medium that’s become second nature is just not reliable when it comes to giving important instructions. The difficulty for banks and other high value service providers is that expecting clients and contacts to switch medium for some conversations and not others creates confusion and a disjointed and cumbersome experience for clients.

Chat and messaging – once seen the preserve of teenagers and strictly social exchanges – is fast coming into its own in business and finance, and beyond, as users favour its immediacy and simplicity.

It allows clients and their advisers to discuss issues and execute quickly – particularly key when it comes to investment decisions.  

It also lends itself to much higher levels of security in that you can create secure environments for conversations in a way that you cannot for email. Add other functionality like Novastone’s patented asymmetric chat facility and email signatures like the below may soon become an historical curiosity.

“XBANK  doesn’t accept liability if this happens. If you think someone may have interfered with this email, please get in touch with the sender another way. This message doesn’t create or change any contract. XBANK doesn’t accept responsibility for damage caused by any viruses contained in this email or its attachments. Emails may be monitored. If you’ve received this email by mistake, please let the sender know at once that it’s gone to the wrong person and then destroy it without copying, using, or telling anyone about its contents.”


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