Do you really know who your text messages are coming from?


With constant news on cyber crime and data breaches circulating our media outlets, it comes as no surprise that fraudsters have now found a way to infiltrate your text messages.

In a recent article in The Sunday Times, one lady named Taffeta Gray tells her story of how she had received a text message asking her to confirm a recent debit card transaction that had been made on her Barclays account.

Slightly suspicious, Ms Gray checked the text feed with Barclays in order to determine whether the text message had come from a genuine source. After verifying that she had received numerous messages from the same number, Ms Gray proceeded to follow the instructions on screen.

I am sure you know how this story ends…

The unfortunate reality is that fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and customers need to become more vigilant and more thorough with how they handle such correspondence with their banks.

Text message, email, even WhatsApp, which has recently hit the headlines after it itself fell victim to an incredible system breach, are just not a secure means of communication for discussing confidential information.

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