12 Jun 2015

Cyber Crime Strikes Again!

Cyber Crime is something we all have heard of or even worse, something we have been unfortunate

12 Jun 2015

Cyber Crime is something we all have heard of or even worse, something we have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to ourselves.

We are currently in the midst of major technological developments. Everyday life has become so much simpler thanks to the likes of smart phones and tablets, which provide us with instant information at the click of a button. Not only has technology brought efficiency to our daily lives, it has also been a key contributor to major advances in sectors such as health, business, intelligence and finance.

There is no denying the fact that without technological development, the human race would not be as advanced as we are today. However, the unfortunate reality is that whilst we marvel at the possibilities and potential of the 21st century, there are plenty of people out there who are ready to exploit it and us.

Multinational firm paid ransom to hackers who broke into systems’, ‘Sony hacking saga’, ‘Office of Personnel Management hack’ are recent headlines that we are aware of.

We are probably all familiar with the Sony incident back in 2014, where emails from top executives were leaked to the public. This breach of confidential correspondence, (which surprisingly enough, Sony is now using to their advantage by turning it into a film) resulted in one rather offended president and the deterioration of diplomatic relations with North Korea. Quite extreme outcomes for email hacks on an entertainment company!

More alarming is the recent news that comes regarding the massive breach of US government data at the Office of Personnel Management, which could potentially affect over 4 million people at almost every federal agency across the United States. Government agencies are known for having state of the art defence systems in place in order to inhibit these such attacks. However this violation of data is a prime example that, as cyber criminals become more advanced and tactful, new security measures need to be implemented in order to avoid future breaches.

“We have known for a long time that there are significant vulnerabilities and that these vulnerabilities are going to accelerate as times go by, both in systems within government and within the private sector,” Obama said. He further continued, “Part of the problem is we’ve got very old systems. What we are doing is going agency-by-agency and figuring out what can we fix with better practices and better computer hygiene by personnel, and where do we need new systems and new infrastructure in order to protect information.”

Here at novastone we are all too aware of the crucial need for tighter security around data protection and across messaging platforms. We are making it our mission to create a revolutionary piece of technology which not only makes daily communication much more efficient, but which also most importantly incorporates the highest level of security available.

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