5 Signs of ID Fraud.

We recently had an email from direct line land in our inbox. Normally, we disregard the mass mailings that hit our inbox on a daily basis (oh, come on, we all do it.), but this particular one piqued our interest.

Entitled ‘Experian’s Five Signs of ID Theft’, the article opened with the following: ‘Identity theft continues to rise each year and yet most of us still feel like it’ll never happen to us.” 

Currently developing an application with the key target of protecting data and providing security, we of course could understand this one line opener.

Many people are care-free until it happens. According to Experian’s ‘Victims of Fraud’ Teams, it takes on average 299 days for an individual to discover that they have been the victim of identity fraud. That is almost a whole year that your data is exposed to a complete stranger(s).

Here are Experian’s 5 top tips.

Check your mobile phone for unexpected charges.

Have you received any unexpected deliveries of items you have not ordered or paid for?

Have you been receiving mail that you were not expecting or that simply does not apply to you at all?

Are you receiving letters or calls from debt collectors or bailiffs in regards to debts you have no knowledge of?

Have you received an unexpected court summons, again that you  know nothing about?

5 simple tips that should sound alarm bells, but that most people usually ignore. 

Do not ignore the signs otherwise you risk losing your identity and  just as important, your finances. 

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