The big question for 2016.


How do you allow your people to use instant messaging compliantly?

From 20 days to seven minutes is the time saving in small business loan approval times that fintech start up Kabbage has pulled off according to McKinsey’s article on breakthrough customer experiences published this month.  Wealth managers used to a rather more leisurely pace – partly hindered by legacy systems and slow information retrieval – should take note.

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How’s the portal going?

By Douglas Orr, CEO of Novastone Media –

I admit I enjoy asking this question of CEOs and COOs at the private banks and wealth managers that I meet.

Only a few years ago online portals were seen as the great leap forward for the wealth management industry seeking to provide their clients with an improved experience online. But that was then and this is now, and the truth is that portals have not really engaged clients. Continue reading “How’s the portal going?”

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