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“Friday Afternoon Fraud”

tumblr_nqx8mfSEYX1tubinno1_1280In The Times online, it is referred to as “Friday afternoon fraud” and after reading the article, I now understand why. It is said to have cost solicitors over £50 million in losses over the past six weeks alone, with gangs prime time for for ambush being Friday afternoons – one of the busiest times of the week within the industry.

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Two thirds of adults tend to agree that the use of technology within the NHS sector will improve efficiency & patient experience.


A recent survey by YouGov/Trustmarque of 2,010 UK adults, has found that two thirds of adults “tended to agree” that both experience and efficiency within the NHS would be greatly improved through the implementation of more technology.  

What few of them know is that there are already numerous online systems already in place aimed at improving efficiency and patient experience. The only issue is that too many people are unaware of them.

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