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The next generation & their technology.

An article titled ‘The Digital Native Effect’, published in the CampdenFO recently landed on my table.

In the article, Eva Lindholm, the head of ultra-high net worth Europe at UBS discusses how the “wealth management sector is facing increasing competition from technology firms”.

As we all know, technology is becoming a major driving force both in the world of work and in our personal lives. No matter how much we try to resist it, we know we could not function without it.

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“Digital technology is key” – a Quote by George Freeman, Minister for Life Sciences.

In the video George Freeman, Minister of Life Sciences talks about the challenge in the rising demand for health care. He emphasises the similar struggles that most Western societies are facing and the pressures that the healthcare systems are battling. “Digital technology is key” he states and rightly so. Technology could play a vital role in creating a seamless healthcare system which will reduce the current situation the NHS is facing in regards to waiting times and of course finances. 

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The importance of Compliance!


We recently came across a letter published online in which the United States senate addressed the concerns around Symphony’s ability to hinder the enforcement of compliance regulations.

Here at novastone, we understand the importance of compliance and the role it plays in preventing fraudulent business. That is why our platform has been created, not only with a focus on security, but also on auditability, making it easier for conversations to be monitored and regulated.


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“One in ten of the affluent users of online matching service say they currently have a wealth manager but are dissatisfied and considering alternative providers”, states a recent online CityWire article. 

One of the first complaints listed in this article is the closure of local offices without any notification whatsoever. Let’s face it, we all like to access places with ease. Nobody wants to have to trek miles to speak to their GP, dentist or wealth manager for that matter. Clients really don’t want to go out of their way to see a business provider only to find out that where their supposed office once stood is now a ‘we have moved’ sign hanging in an empty window.

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Carphone Warehouse hit in yet another company data breach. 

Up to 2.4 million customers have said to have been affected by the recent cyber- attack on the mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse, which has again left customers infuriated at both the holes in security as well as the financial burdens that they have been left with in having to pay for credit checks.

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