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Novastone For IM Integration

Communicate securely with your clients on
WhatsApp with the power of Novastone
chat operating system

IM Integration – Intro

Capture and seamlessly integrate all your clients’ favourite chat platforms into a single secure platform providing a unified view to your staff.

Clients spend 3 out of every 5 minutes on their mobile phones in chat. Bring your staff and services to clients in chat while supporting compliance and new service offerings.



With the Novastone chat operating system, connect with your clients in a secure and compliant way independently of the channel they prefer to use. Integrating your existing systems to the platform drives efficiency improvements by converting processes into conversations.

Key Features – IM Integration

Secure & Compliant

Self-documenting conversations with full control and visibility developed specifically for the financial industry


Transactions and other processes can be approved by clients as easily as with a fingerprint authorisation

Client engagement

Communicating how your current and future customers demand while improving efficiency

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