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novastone for business is a sophisticated messaging platform designed to increase engagement between clients/customers and staff with end-to-end security and conversation auditability.

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novastone for business – instant messaging for serious business

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novastone for business is an on-premise solution that allows organisations to be in control of their own security and data hosting requirements. For those without an appropriate infrastructure, a secure cloud solution can be provided and managed by novastone.

All content within the novastone platform is available for easy audit and meets compliance regulations.

instant messaging for the “security conscious”

Unlike any other enterprise instant messaging platform available, novastone for business is a business to consumer (B2C) client engagement solution for the delivery of a secure, mobile-centric, real-time communication channel. Central to the technology is a strong, multi-factor provisioning model encrypting all communication and meeting the needs of even the most security conscious industries.

instant messaging for “I love my customer”

To encourage and enrich conversations, novastone for business enables clients and advisors to add authorised digital content such as text, audio and video to conversations. Selected from a dynamic repository and user defined newsfeeds, a content rich and more personal relationship is developed.

novastone for business will get you out of the inbox and into conversation.

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white label solutions

Your language. Your clients. Your brand.

novastone’s white label messaging solution is built for high value customer interactions, moving  relationships from the inbox into a conversation. Easy to use, secure and auditable, the novastone platform supports industry requirements across business, finance, health, compliance and more.

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